6 years ago i met my husband

it’s been six years now since i met my husband. we met at a halloween party at my apartment in hoboken. i was dressed as a sexy scarecrow {because you can make scarecrows sexy…} back when i still did the whole try to hard to be cute on halloween. and brian ended up in our living room wearing no costume, just a yellow polo & jeans, standing in the corner sipping bud light out of a solo cup. jackie & i still remembering being like “who brought the guy in no costume?” and not being very happy about it. as you know, jackie & i will use any excuse to dress up and be silly. BUT it turned out that, shy yellow polo guy, comes out of his shell a bit after awhile. we ended up talking & getting to know each other, and even though i messed with him about not being in costume… little did he know he’d end up with one of the silliest girls ever who would make him dress up plenty of times in ridiculous things over the next six years. so last night, going  to a halloween party dressed up together FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER was an amazing night for me. ever since that first halloween, brian has had to work on every halloween weekend & so we’ve never had the chance to do a couples costume. he can confirm my excitement this year… anybody can really. and he’s such a good sport. he is the best husband, always doing little things to make me happy. relationships & marriage are surely about the little things. doing things simply to make your spouse happy. i can assure you he would have been much happier at a sports bar, watching the notre game with a beer in his hand but he was there with me & four other rockland peaches dressed as jimmy dugan just to see me smile. i love him, a lot. and well, our costumes were pretty awesome also let’s be honest. take a look… & happy halloween. thank you for bringing me my husband oh spooky/silly day!

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  1. ashley says:

    this is completely adorable! Leave it to you gals to be original!!

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