#prayforoklahoma & day 21 of challenges


waking up this morning & reading about the tragedy in oklahoma hurt my heart. the death toll this morning was at 51 however i just recently read it is beginning to decline as workers are finding more people. pray for these workers. these diggers, these helpers, these healers. pray that they find more and more people alive. i can’t begin to imagine what that tornado must have looked like in person, 2 miles wide coming towards you. the footage of the children at the flattened elementary school was gut wrenching. mother nature has really shown her wrath this year with this disaster + hurricane sandy. i continue to wish i could do more than pray. you can donate to the red cross cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 {charged to your cell phone bill} which will send disaster relief funds to families without homes. if everybody helps a little, it will heal a lot


day 21 of the challenge a list of links to your favorite posts in your archives

i haven’t been blogging for too many years now, and of those not many years, only really recently have i been blogging regularly. my archives are not that interesting but i just plowed back through the years and pulled my favorites {& my readers favorites}

my most read post: what they don’t tell you about being married

some of my favorites

what is castor oil?

my hope for 2013

subway etiquette

if you really knew me

christmas eve prayer

on marriage

our wedding trailer

fairy tales {i rarely write poetry, but this came out}

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