halfway to the cake!

i can’t believe madison is 6 months old today! it has gone by so fast & she is getting so big. she has become the light in our lives. i am stuck in that place between wanting to freeze her inside this teeny, adorable little body & stage forever & yet anticipating her first steps & words & showing her the world. it is amazing how she changes daily & the things that she discovers. i wish life was still that exciting for brian & i! something new everyday — but i guess she gives that to us. she gives us another reason to smile & to be thankful & to never take for granted what one day can add to your life. each day we spend with her & each other – is the most precious gift we could ever receive. i know that God’s grace is in everything but babies must hold a special place in His heart. because she radiates all that is good & innocent in this world. i hope she never loses that. happy 6th month birthday baby girl! you’re halfway to the cake — the good stuff!! & if you’re anything like your momma you’re gonna have quite the shuga tooth! we love you to the moon & back

6 months-36 months6 months-4

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  1. oh my goodness she is so roly poly adorable! I love the title of this post. My boy is 7 months old, and I have a sweet tooth too, so it really is like a countdown to the cake now. I feel bad eating sweets in front of him because he looks longingly at whatever it is, and of course, I kind of want to give him some. I told my husband we may need to save desserts for after bedtime. 🙂

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