if you didn’t know already, october is my favorite month EVER. i love the fall. the leaves. the pumpkins. the hay rides. the costumes. the apple cider. the candy. the silliness. my birthday. the sweater weather. everything about it clearly. & i now love that i get to show my daughter all of these wonderful things. i want her to be a life appreciator. & not just an observer. i want her to experience everything there is to experience. to dive in with both feet. just like me. or the me i TRY to be. & to do it with more smiles & more grace than i ever did. so far, she is doing just this! even though she’s been sick for the past week, she is still as smiley & as wonderful as ever. last night she was laying in bed with me. we were laying on our sides just looking at each other & she was chatting away. girl talk. it was a moment i wouldn’t trade for any other. every moment is a gift.

pumpkins-3pumpkins-4pumpkins-7 pumpkins-10pumpkins-11pumpkins-17pumpkins-18pumpkins-20in a punkin-6in a punkin-3in a punkin-5in a punkin-4

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