gratitude & a happy little dragon

november is here. yesterday was not exactly the day that i had dreamed it would be, but madison in a purple dragon costume (see below) really can turn any day into a good day. she is just such a gem. but i feel as if my favorite month flew by {along with 2012 in it’s entirety} & november makes me really start to feel that the holidays are getting close. before the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season takes over everyone’s lives i wanted to focus for the next 4 weeks on gratitude.

noun: gratitude
    the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

it is such a simple word. & it seems like such a simple topic to cover, but when i look back on the past year of my life. i simply do not know how say thank you enough for the all the blessings in my life. each day has trouble’s of its own & that is often the focus of my attention. there is always laundry to do. & dishes to clean. the dog needs to go out, again. a baby to feed & keep happy. a husband to feed & keep happy. a job that demands my time, when my head sometimes never leaves home. the baby is in the dog bowl. a work crisis. i should get in a run… madison won’t sleep now. i need to vacuum & dust. something is broken. spilled milk on the rug. a sick baby. a husband with a hard day at work. patience running thin. bills piling up. the dog ate my shoes. will we ever get out of this apartment. a flat tire… this is real life. these are the things at the forefront of my mind each & every day. i do not remove myself enough to step back. & to just be grateful. grateful for a husband who loves me every single day. he loves the me that i don’t have to hide. behind closed doors, no makeup & crazy hair. that silly girl in her pajamas baking cookies & dancing to some ridiculous song no doubt. grateful for a baby girl that smiles every time she sees me. she says mama & reaches for me. she hugs me – she loves me. like no one else can. she is a healthy, happy baby. she is a true blessing & miracle. grateful that for the fact that brian & i both have stable, well-paying jobs. grateful we are never hungry. we are never cold. we never want for anything. we are surrounded by life’s luxuries. certainly more than we need & deserve. we are so fortunate. grateful we have a roof over our head, in a wonderful neighborhood, in the greatest city in the world. grateful we have friends & family that support us. no matter what. even if they don’t agree with us. that kind of support system is rare. grateful for another day of living. another day to get it right. to live. to laugh. to love. this month, i am going to step back, out of my crazy world & be grateful for life’s little miracles. for the big things & for the little things, because to be honest more often than not the little things ARE the big things. i hope that i will succeed & fill my heart with compassion & grace & gratitude. & that i can carry it over beyond november.

i am also very grateful that some of my family, friends, “instafriends,” “blogger friends” have agreed to guest blog here in november on what THEY are grateful for. thank you in advance to all of you & i can’t wait to share your wise & wonderful words {& photographs} with all my readers here.

& of course…. grateful for this happy little dragon

in a punkin-2in a punkin-4in a punkinin a punkin-6in a punkin-8

h&m sweater / dragon costume

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