madison’s first birthday

prettiest print shop via etsy

this print says it all. i discovered it while browsing pinterest & it stopped me in my tracks. not only because it is gold glittered (insert giggle here) but because this is the absolute truth. the day of your birth is quite literally the best day of my life, every time. it was that way one year ago today & it is that way today. watching you grow the past 12 months has been the greatest joy of my life. you have brought me so many smiles, abundant laughter & helped me become a better person. you arouse emotions from me that i didn’t even know existed. you have made me stronger. you have made me a morning person. you have made me aware of everyday miracles & taught me how to appreciate them. i never thought i could love a little human so much. or that having 2 chubby legs charging at me full speed with a sneaky two toof grin on your face would just totally turn my world upside down. it is absolutely everything. your arms outstretched for me, your mama. i never pictured this for myself. but it is the best thing we’ve ever done. happy birthday baby girl. i hope you know just how loved you are.

Karen Kristian Photography

glitter onesie via OliveandBirdie shop // striped pink leg warmers via RuffleButts

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