there is no way to be a perfect mother



it’s really hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to motherhood. other than your standards…. don’t hit, don’t bite, don’t lie, don’t throw your food on the floor (especially at a restaurant), respect your elders, don’t pick your nose, and of course do as I say not as I do! but beyond the obvious there is really a lot left to personal taste. a choice for how you want your child to grow. & it’s all a gamble. to breast feed or not? when to starts solids. is organic really that much better for her? soy milk!? really? am I raising a pre-madonna? when to enforce discipline. when to let them cry it out? when to let them make their own mistakes. there are so many decisions to make and only a few that truly matter. does your face light up when they enter the room? do you love unabashedly? do you lay down your free time to read & play? then you’re making the right decisions in my book. to me, that is being a good mom. to sacrifice everything for the needs of that little person. above your own. there is nothing greater in the world than seeing that face smile at you. it’s a love above all others. & they love in a way that expects nothing in return. it is the purest form of love. & Gods greatest gift. it reminds us of our humanity & the tenderness we should all hold in our hearts. there is no love like a mothers love. I know this now. & it tugs at my heart to now also know this about MY mom. you never quite understand the struggle, or the unrelenting spirit of motherhood, until you become one yourself. i have a new appreciation & a new kind of love for my mom. i feel like i am able to love like a child again. everything that is good in me i owe to my mom. my strength, my humility, my laughter. they are all snapshots of her. i am blessed to have been born into her arms. to have grown up with my hand in hers. for my tears to have stained her shoulder. to be held in her arms. & for her to have witnessed the birth of my own daughter, first hand. a full cycle. one that can not be broken. i hope that i can find a million ways to be more like her, and to be a great mom to madison. and i hope that madidson will someday realize just how much i love her. how hard that i try. & that there is no one in the world that could take her place in my heart. bc she has filled the entire thing. i am full. i am grateful. i am blessed. 

i love you mom. i love you madison. happy mother’s day everyone


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  1. Mom says:

    Kelly, this is beauitful . I love you with all my heart. Happy Mothers Day to you. I am so proud of you . Mom

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