gifts for dad


father’s day is fast approaching (brian stop here…) so I decided to share some of my favorite ideas for dads & granddads (seriously brian, don’t peek). as most of you already know I am a celebrate-o-holic. i find excuses to throw parties & make a big deal out of little things, so holidays give me that extra justification for going over board. but really can you really do TOO much for you dad? or for your husband who’s now turned into a dad? it’s a day to celebrate the sacrifices they have made. like not being on the golf course drinking beer every day. or having to watch the game at home (heaven forbid). they are now baby wearing, diaper changing, man-bag toting men. and we love them that much more for it. because seeing that guy walking down the street with a pigtailed girl & a pink backpack, makes you smile. seeing brian with Madison tugs on my heart daily. it makes him mushy & i adore that. i will always be daddy’s little girl & i know Madison will someday be also. brian, my father, my father-in-law. these men in my life keep me going daily & i owe so much to them. so here’s to them (and here’s some ideas for YOU!)

father's day gift ideas

littal krouvi beer mugs (freezer safe for a frosty brew) / manly cupcakes from butch bakery / mustache coffee mug / cake bunting (for sweets or pancakes, aka breakfast in bed) / monogram handkerchief / classic g-shock / the mac+cheese cookbook (or similar cookbook for his favorite food, like carnivore) / super soft t-shirts for weekend “dad business” (go for the athletic style) / personalized keychain (get your anniversary & your child’s birthday on either side) / chillsner to keep his beer cold / bacon peanut brittle / engraved cufflinks / sneakers / dollar shave club (amazing for any guy in your life) / picture books are sure to make dad teary (i hand write notes in them)


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