father’s day


dear dad, I wanted to let you know that you succeeded in raising the prettiest, smartest, most fun daughter in all the world. so i’ll start out with a big ole congratulations to you! that is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud. I know this because, well, I am her. and you & I have known each other for a few years now. just shy of 31 years to be exact. but really, you knew me before that. you knew the me that was in mom’s tummy. you felt me kick. you heard my heartbeat, before I ever even knew who you were, you knew who I was. and I am sure you had dreams for me. probably beyond your or my wildest imagination. probably of me being the president and leaving a mark on this world that would never be forgotten. I know this because I have dreams for Madison. of the similar sort. and I know this because you have always taught me to dream big. I grew up knowing I could be anything I wanted to be. I grew up knowing my daddy would fight monsters in my closet, and carry on my your shoulders so I could see the world. I knew you would travel to the ends of the earth if I needed you to be there. I grew up knowing that you loved me beyond measure. I grew up lucky. and I hope that Madison will feel this same way about brian some day. that she will look back at her life & realize just how loved she was and just how lucky she was to have a daddy like that. I also hope that I have made you proud (besides being the prettiest and smartest and most fun) I hope that even my small stamp on the world has made you proud. even though only a few people might really benefit from it, or care about it. I hope that it’s enough to know your daughter is happy, and it’s because you loved me in this way. & the only thing better than having you as my dad, is Madison getting to have you as her grandpa. she will always knows what real love looks like, and that real men have tea parties and play dress up and hold hands and love fiercely. she will learn by example as children do & I am so very grateful to have you in HER life. I only wish you could be here more. I miss you every day. happy father’s day daddy. thank you, even though thank you will never be enough.

and dear brian, please be all of these things to Madison. please let her know that you will be her prince, her protector and her friend. there is nothing more important than a father’s love to his daughter (and her mother). please be patient with her, and kind, and silly. let her know the sound of your laugh & the curves of your smile. let that be what she remembers. she is learning. her little character will develop over time by watching us. she will follow by our example, not our advice. I hope that we can guide her. & I am so very grateful to you for the amount of time you spend with her. you have the opportunity to be with her more than most father’s get to be with their children. I know that this doesn’t not come easy however, and it can be very difficult on you. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of us both. for working all night in this city to keep us safe. to coming home in the middle of the night to an often messy home (i’m sorry) & already sleeping family, and a dog on your pillow. to then waking up early to spend the day with your daughter. for taking care of her and loving her even in the worst of days. for surviving the hours of throwing food, and crying and tantrums, only then to head straight to work & deal with the problems of the city. thank you for dressing her in pink & glitter & learning to do ponytails. for playing peekaboo and watching Sophia instead of the big game. thank you for being so much to both of us. watching you transform from husband to father has been one of the greatest joys of my life. sometimes I just like to stand in the doorway and watch. that this strong man I love so much, can also be so gentle. fatherhood looks good on you. it’s one of life’s blessings. I am so grateful for it. we would be so lost without you. happy father’s day husband.

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best dad ever (custom from here) / better together mug / nambe serving tray /

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