take me out to the ball game / jennifer ann

in the past, a 8-0 yankee lost would have left us leaving the stadium angry & lets be honest… a little bit tipsy. but yesterday we still left with big smiles on our faces. WHY? take a look below… proof again that your kids can make any day better. honestly this little girl makes my whole world better. & these poor precious skinned knees are from lots of fun in a concrete jungle. new york city is her playground. & I have a feeling there is a toy boy growing in there, probably just like her mother.

but she’s at least wearing her pink yankee jersey that was a gift to us when she was born from a good friend. we are so excited it finally fits her. & her shorties are a custom made project by jennifer ann. aren’ t they adorable?! her expertise is in making personalized baby items (mostly with names) but she can put just about anything you want on there, like she did for us! see some of our other favorites from her below, and definitely go check out her shop (and her blog)!! you won’t be disappointed.

go Yankees


pink yankee jersey / take me out to the ball game shorts / salt water sandals / pink neon hair bow

other Jennifer ann FAVES!

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