monday in micro fashion // riley clay designs & sweet lucy jack GIVEAWAY

HOOOORAY for grandparents!! that’s how I feel right now. Madison was lucky enough to get to spend a very full weekend with my parents showing them her city. I think she wore them out but in a very good way. seeing them together makes me happy. and also sad that they can’t see each other more often. it really makes you cherish every little moment. every smile she sends their way & every hug they get to have from her. I am so grateful that we are blessed enough to be able to travel as often as we do to see the people that we love.

& I am also excited to offer a giveaway today including two of my favorite shops! we love to shop small & we love unique one of a kind items. visit my instagram for a chance to win an embrace messy hair tank + a pair of any baby or toddler shorts from sweet lucy jack! my little tomboy clearly shows that this outfit can be gender neutral 🙂 beach-46beach-48beach-49beach-51beach-6beach-7beach-10beach-12beach-17beach-22beach-27beach-36beach-38beach-39beach-29beach-40

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