confused but cute

i love the city in the early morning. around 6am is the best time. the streets are empty, and so are the sidewalks for the most part. you don’t get to see it like that very often. where the usual hustle is replaced with stillness. it’s my favorite time of day around here. the bagels don’t need to be heated. they are fresh from the oven. the coffee always tastes better from the first pot of the day. and i can think. lately i have needed this time to myself to gather up my energy for the day. to walk head first into the chaos that is my life & my city. i used to sleep in. i used to calculate in my head the least amount of time possible i would need to get dressed & get to work without looking like a total train wreck. i will not wash my hair, and go top knot today + that dress on the back of the door + my flip-flops + no coffee today, i can make it in 25 minutes, so i will get up at 8:20… but not anymore, i set the alarm at 6am most everyday now & i lace up my sneakers & i run (or walk) and i take some time for me. if i could give any advice to new mamas it would be to take time for yourself. however you need to get yourself ready for each & every day. because new obstacles are going to come your way daily now. juggling work & family & friends along with a toddler can be a very difficult thing. i often find myself wondering if what i think is balance really isn’t. am i doing enough in each category of my life? or is my head shifting from one thing to the next so much that i am not fully present in any?  i’m not sure. that’s my answer to a lot of things. but i do know that i am trying. and the city at 6am calms me. here’s to hoping i find a better sense of balance in the near future & here’s to always knowing that I may be confused… but I can at least be cute (I mean check out these sneaks!!!)


 Nike Free 5.0+ / Heidi Klum for New Balance 420 / Heidi Klum for New Balance 420 / Nike Free 3.0 V5 / Jcrew for Nike Air Pegasus ’83 / Asics Gel Super J33 / Nike Internationalist / Saucony Kinvara 5 Runshield / Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

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