weekends sans baby

I rushed home after work Friday to find brian lounging on the couch watching sports. not bubble guppies. not wearing a pink foam crown coloring. not with obstacles blocking my way every three feet including baby strollers, books, Minnie mouse figurines, ball pit balls or stray mac & cheese noodles. I found brian being brian, and I got really super excited. like silly grin on my face excited. “what do you want to do tonight?” was thrown around and options starting flying. how do you fit in everything you’ve wanted to do for months into 48 hours? we settled on dinner (at bareburger) my favorite spot. we ate french fries without having to blow on them for 45 hours to feed Madison first. we ate them scalding hot & they burned my fingers & my throat and I loved it. I shoveled chipotle mayo into my mouth out in the open without fear of baby seeing what I was eating and protesting to have the same thing. I had a watermelon moonshine cocktail – I had MOONSHINE – knowing it would be okay to be a little hazy later when I got home. there would be no middle of night wake up call I would have to attend to. and we had a conversation that didn’t consist of “what does a bear say” and diapers and daycare. we sat an extra long time at the table just because we could. we didn’t have to get the check when the meal was sent out because once baby girl is done she is DONE and ready to go. we relaxed. and it was glorious. after dinner we had so many big ideas like the movies, because lets be honest it costs us $200 to go to the movies these days, or out for drinks or home…. should we go home? get a 6 pack & go home to watch a movie? SOLD! I tell you SOLD! we held hands… this was monumental. and we purchased craft beer we have been wanting to try and we cuddled up on the couch for a movie. it was the greatest night. Ohhhh, one more thing WE SLEPT INNNNNNNN. like past 9am, we actually got to the bagel store when it was packed with the hangover crowd. I liked being the crowded line. it was a glimpse into our former lives. just a peek back into the days where we were the only things that mattered in our world. and then we got all dressed up & headed to an engagement party for our two good friends Jackie & Anthony.

Anthony is Brian’s partner & Jackie is my old roommate. we hooked them up. it was like how about our two best friends be in love so we can all be best friends & have a big best friend party. and maybe our babies can be best friends, or get married… and well, you see where my mind goes. in any case – cha ching – we succeeded on our second match making attempt with a second wedding (the first being brian’s old partner pat & beth). pretty sure I should be getting paid for my services. and when Anthony gets promoted to Sgt. we will be taking applications for Brian’s new partner (email me for inquiries) but I guess seeing my friends incredibly happy is a gift enough. & I couldn’t be more excited for these two! the party was at a waterfront restaurant in jersey city called Battello. it was gorgeous and all my JC friends should check it out.

Left: Lace top, Tulle skirt, Steve Madden shoes (similar),  bauble bar necklace / Right: Zara dress, Bissou Bissou shoes


but when all was said & done, no matter how much I sometimes miss our old life & schedule I couldn’t go any more days without seeing this face…

Photo Sep 15, 6 21 23 PM
crown sweater, silver sparkle shoes

I missed this face. SO much. it was a wonderful weekend, but I wouldn’t trade 1 million of those for 1 more day with her. it’s funny how even after just a few hours of fun you start to think that you’d never want to go back. I love our longer, crazier days. I love having two little arms draped around my neck. she tethers me to reality and to a happiness I never would have thought was possible before I met her. a weekend is a very long time sans baby. it’s too long. but the hugs & kisses upon your return are the greatest moments. she ran to me, and she wrapped those little arms around me and said “i miss you” and just like that, the world became a little bit clearer. i looked up & silently thanked God for this tiny blessing, that has changed everything.

and an extra special thank you to brian’s family for taking care of madison this weekend! you guys are simply the best!

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  1. Arielle says:

    I really love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to find you ❤

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