princess madison… a day in the life

sunday city
old navy pink polka dot dress (on sale now!)

breakfast at starbucks, she loves the blueberries that are meant for the oatmeal but they sell them to us anyways. thanks goodness or she’d be screaming booberry booberry at them until they did. i settle for a vanilla macchiato. heaven.

took the ‘choo choo’ to the city. she insists on sitting by herself, even though she slides around like the seats are made of butter. i have to keep a protective arm around her without her noticing that i am helping her. because she doesn’t need any help, duh mom.

sunday city-2

then pre-church browsing at bloomies, she loves the colors at ted baker just as much as i do. she also spied a mini longchamp cosmetic bag she almost didn’t let me leave without. with the help of two sales ladies & a little brown bag we finally coaxed it out of her grubby hands (good luck to her future husband…)

then sunday school playtime with her friends. ‘mommy church’ for me as she calls it. the message on grace unbounded hit home, as it always does here. it’s my favorite church i have ever had the privilege of attending or being a member of. every message, every sunday, speaks to me. yesterday was all about grace & about Paul’s letters from prison on joy, hope & love (the beginning of our series on this).  we need to be more grateful for the things we have and less inclined to think we deserve more. our neediness often overpowers us, when we in actuality have everything we need right in front of us.

Here’s the thing we say in this sanctuary: whether you’ve been part of the faith family your whole life or a late arriving newbie, we stand equally naked before God in our neediness.  That sensibility permeates our life and our work.  That’s the sensibility we’re meant to learn in here and take back out into the world.  That’s the gospel that’s brimming with grace and generosity and drives us to live lives committed to growing closer and closer to God’s design specifications.  That’s the grace, the call and the responsibility.  It’s awesome, fantastic and the engine that can drive the world’s transformation.

sunday city-3sunday city-6 sunday city-5 sunday city-4

post-church cupcakes at sprinkles. madison is also apparently the cupcake atm gatekeeper. she seriously wouldn’t leave. she kept saying “more cheese” so i kept snapping her photo.

we then walked through 3 parades and danced in the streets together. twirling. whenever the music started she grabbed both my hands & that was my cue to dance like a monkey. nobody noticed us. we aren’t weirdos. just two girls having fun.

sunday city-7

and then this… fried chicken & biscuits for lunch. the whole shebang today.

sunday city-11 sunday city-10sunday city-9 sunday city-8

time square toys r us. enough said = chaos + bliss + lots of “no put that back” and of all the barbies in the barbie castle madison picked out entrepreneur barbie. that’s right baby girl, go change the world.

took the choo choo back home for a long long nap (for both of us). this is my perfect day lately. letting madison explore the world. she loves to be outside with people and i dread the long winter ahead of us. we are holding onto fall & have lots in store for the new few months.

xo from the big city

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