apple picking at masker orchards



apples-37apples-30apples-41 apples-42

we spent our columbus day picking apples at masker orchard in warwick. it’s a 200 acre orchard in the hudson valley settled into the side of a mountain. needless to say the views are beautiful & the apples bountiful. madison was pretty sure she needed every apple she encountered especially those on the ground, but her favorite game was when brian threw apples into the tree & they all came falling down. she would scream with delight, run to collect them all for the bag then yell “GOOD JOB DADDY” at the top of her lungs. a few other pickers got a good kick out of her rather loud praises for him. and i’m pretty sure he also made a game of it by seeing how accurate his throws were. leave it to boys to turn even apple picking into a game of skill / competition. i on the other hand clearly enjoyed pulling apples from the tree and hovering between branches with madison. that ridiculous grin on my face (in every photo) shows which of the three of us had the most fun, but it was a tight race. madison decided that she loves apples – not just apple sauce & apple juice, although those are most certainly her favorites. this whole 21 month old thing is pretty great. she cracks us up daily. thanks for the laughs baby girl

ps – if anybody has any great recipes involving apples please send them my way because that’s all we will be eating for awhile

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