this is what 31 looks like


it’s no secret that i love birthdays. not just mine (but mine the most) but all birthdays. i know that some people as they “age” they don’t like their birthday anymore. whelp, NOT ME! i will always love birthdays. and like i remind my friends who hate their birthdays because they find it a constant reminder as to their REAL age, which nobody really knows after awhile anyways, growing old is a privilege denied by many. enjoy the days the months the years. celebrate each new year of living, and whatever is in store for the next year. celebrate everything, that’s my motto. i love birthdays so much in fact that in my card today from my husband the PS said “365 days till your birthday” that made me giggle just a little, he knows me so well. better than i know myself sometimes. and he made my birthday wonderful this year, by surprising me with a WHOLE WEEKEND OFF. surprise weekends off don’t really exist around here. sometimes regularly scheduled weekends off turn into overtime and cancelled plans, so needless to say i was excited.

Photo Oct 18Photo Oct 18-3Photo Oct 18-4

he also ran the cupcake run with me this weekend and madison. it is a 5k they host in my honor (clearly) every year where you eat cupcakes at each mile marker. i enjoyed it, i think he wanted to puke. afterward the bar holds a bbq & you get a token for a free beer. i told him i would drink his beer & he quickly responded i will drink my own beer, hence i found out NO WORK. let the party weekend commence! he ran, ate cupcakes, got a cupcake temporary tattoo (that refuses to come off btw), took me to dinner & bought me some of my favorite beers. oh, and bought me a fabulous pair of sunnies too. sometimes he really knows how to make me feel special.


and madison, oh sweet baby girl, you make every day better. her absolute ridiculouness & giggles make every day the best day ever, and my birthday was no different. however, after the 15 cupcakes she’s had this weekend she’s become the tazmanian devil. literally she was running in circles while twirling. circles in circles. and tackling brian with a football (she’s into football season now). note to self, do not give toddler a 15 cupcakes in 48 hours. but for me, it’s totally okay. i mean, i ran a 5k this weekend. cupcakes & mommy juice all around.

20141019_162458 20141019_155611

then to round out the weekend today i was able to celebrate with some good friends for a little sunday funday. something we haven’t been able to do in quite awhile because of miss madison. baby in a bar really doesn’t work on sundays (we’ve tried / failed). & so thankful for my best girlfrens & that they deal with my birthday shenanigans (and having to return my gifts every year… but really, blame my mom).

i am so abundantly blessed. husband, daughter, family & friends. there is just simply nothing more i could ask for. thank you to absolutely everyone for the calls, texts, facebook posts, tweets (you name it) — i appreciated every single one. no really, thank you so much.

and guess what??? 365 DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! xx

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