OCD: like father like daughter

there is no hiding it – madison is her father’s child. no ifs and or butts about it. not only does she have his gorgeous baby blues, his long eye lashes and soft hands (insert sneaky smile here) she also has his disease: obsessive–compulsive disorder. and the primary symptom is her inability to get messy. she has to be clean at all times. she also hated her first birthday cake smash because again, what we were thinking not cutting up that cake and giving her a proper fork?!  she does not play in the dirt. she definitely does not finger paint (horrible horrible idea). she can’t eat pizza without 15 napkins and making me wipe her hands after each bite. and please see below – she got a little pumpkin on her hands, and lost her shit.

carving pumpkins

every time brian scooped out some pumpkin guts she said EW EW and pointed. eventually we were able to get her to hold the spoon but she wouldn’t scoop anything out except the top edges – for fear her arms would get pumpkin guts if she reached in too far. heaven forbid!! she’s the only kid i have ever met who hates to get dirty and messy. and for me that’s so difficult because i am the epitome of messy. every time i dropped a seed or spilled (which much to my husband’s dismay, was often), she said ‘oh no mama’ and cleaned up after me. good thing we have her, she will be cleaning the house before i know it! i can’t wait. for her 2nd birthday i’m getting her a dyson!

carving pumpkins-3dsfaf carving pumpkins-6 carving pumpkins-7

but beyond pumpkins – her OCDness goes further into the depths of crazy (again, not unlike her father). she has a pair of brown leather boots that now have a scuff on the right toe. she refuses to wear them, pointing at the scuff yelling BOO-BOO! BOO-BOO! i had to kiss her shoe about 13 times the last time i wanted her to wear them just so she would keep them on for an hour. a string on a sweater… “oh no mama, oh no.” gus food that falls out of his bowl when he’s stuffing his face – she meticulously picks it all up and puts it back in for him. she even takes a washcloth and cleans off her princesses. sometimes i feel like an intruder in my own house with these two – i want to throw paint on them and run around singing and dancing while eating a powder sugar donut. if this wouldn’t lead to instant cardiac arrest for both of them, i probably would try it.

Photo Oct 28, 11 59 31 PM

and of COURSE, brian just free handed this mickey mouse pumpkin… NBD (OCD)

i also made these little gems last night. pumpkin-oat chocolate chip cookies that were sooooooooooooo goooooooooood. i highly recommend them for the fall. the pumpkin & cinnamon are very subtle.

then wash them down with a little post road pumpkin ale.

photo credit: http://www.cookingclassy.com/


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