what i have learned about marriage (part 3)

my first few posts on what i have learned about marriage included comic relief primarily & the truth about the ends & outs of living with someone who might be your polar opposite, as husbands tend to be. and believe me there are still comical moments, but as time goes on it becomes so much more than the day to day.

i have learned that love comes in different packages. and i have learned that it isn’t all about what my perception of love is, it’s about our combined recognition of love. it’s about learning who your spouse is, and how they reciprocate love. & how they share themselves. even if it’s not the same way that you do. this is a difficult part of love (especially for me) but also a crucial one. it’s the part that allows us to be ourselves while still very much belonging to each other as well. also once you realize it, you start to appreciate each other that much more. the little things become the big things. and the most important concept i have learned to embrace this year in love, is that just because his way isn’t always my way, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. this has taken me a long time to come to terms with & i believe it has made me & our marriage happier.

growing together as husband & wife – and now parents – our love has also evolved. it is stronger because it’s known weakness. it has been tested. stretched. poked. prodded. knocked down. yet still it remains. it is the constant in my life. whether it be during the calm or the storm, it’s always us. and that type of comfort, knowing that we will always get back up and dust ourselves off no matter what, is unlike any other love in the world. because it is also a choice. we choose each other again every day. no matter what yesterday brought, i wake up, and i see the man that i love. the man who changed what really living means for me. and i smile. every day, because i am so lucky to have someone that loves me enough to pick me over and over again.

so cheers to 3 years of marriage, and 8 years of love. happy anniversary brian. ily

and thank you so much to our good friend Anthony for taking these pics of us. you’re the best. 




this is my wedding dress, altered, but the original is eugenia couture / shoes are manolo d’orsay pump 

brian’s sport coat is jcrew (old) similar here / vest is express / skinny silk tie is express 

madison’s dress is h&m / boots are gap 


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