twenty fourteen, farewell

i start every new year with a prayer. i truly believe in this prayer and every line of it speaks to me. it has ever since i first heard it 2 years ago at our new years eve service. i will continue to pray it until it’s words become second nature.  & this year, in the midst of chaos, and sorrow it’s even harder to find much faith in mankind lately. it’s easy to start wondering how we got here. how hate has filled the hearts of so many. i have found myself so upset & confused i end up in tears. so instead of reflecting on these moments in 2014 we all wish to forget, i want to share the top 25 best moments of 2014 (in my opinion and in no particular order) that will restore your faith in humanity. the stories that remind us the human spirit is still strong. and i pray that in 2015 we can be better to each other. happy new year everyone.

let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.

Photo Aug 01, 10 49 10 PM

25.) high school kids gives classmate air jordans

24.) cops stop drivers with presents instead of tickets

23.) Make a Wish batkid saves the day 

22.) couple married 61 years has “up” inspired anniversary shoot

21.) the ice bucket challenge

20.) kayla montgomery

19.) football’s unbeatable father daughter team 

18.) homecoming queen gives bullied friend her crown

17.) student raises $20k for homeless man who gave his last $5 for a taxi to get her home

16.) fashion by mayhem

15.) when love becomes an instinct 

14.) boys stand up for bullied water boy

13.) soldiers coming home 

12.) boston marathon bomber wed nurse

11.) this 3 year old’s haircut for locks of love

10.) teacher retirement after 41 years

9.) high school senior takes his great grandmother to the prom

8.) a boy and his dog 

7.) homeless valedictorian goes to Georgetown

6.) starbucks pay it forward chain

5.) the empowerment plan

4.) the super hero window washers 

3.) dobri dobrev 

2.) tattoo artist that applied fake tattoos to woman with down syndrome 

1.) the hug shared round the world 

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