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favorite coffee mugs

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i am slightly obsessed with coffee mugs. okay lets be honest, i am very obsessed. i love to find the perfect mug to match my mood & then fill myself with bitter crystalline compounds. the caffeineeeee, my body craves it. i’m not sure i am an addict so much as a devotee. the smell, the taste, the dark beauty. although when i skip a day i do get raging headaches that turn me into a monster. i know i should ease off, but it’s like knowing you should give up cheese & sugar & well, everything GOOD & WONDERFUL IN THIS WORLD! i don’t want to stop. i can’t stop won’t stop. i want to try new flavors & combinations. including adding soy milk & almond milk which are my new jams. and sugar free vanilla & caramel syrups. terms like macchiato, demitasse & venti really get me going. & while i love to have a hot cup at home in my pajamas, i love a good espresso bar as well. some of my faves in the area are

60 beans (in astoria) and they have cold brew coffee on tap you can take home in growlers (along with beers too, best of both worlds)

blue bottle coffee (in rockefeller) it’s too tight to sit & enjoy your coffee there but man is it delicious

pomme palais (inside the Palace Hotel) try their signature caramel latte (plus lots of yummy sweets & pastries)

the queens kickshaw (in astoria) specialty coffees & fancy grilled cheese. enough said

where are you favorite coffee spots? near & far? share with me!!

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  1. I love mugs too 🙂 The queens kickshaw is yummy, I go there often. I also just discovered Toby’s Estate Coffee in Flatiron. So good! ❤

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