so we moved…

there’s that. to add to the other list of things that have been going on around here lately. between work with all-star weekend, moving, a sick baby, overtime and court schedules for brian & just general every day hiccups. things have not been getting done in our new household. however, i love it. we love it. we have so much more space & madison can run around & be a crazy lady. she’s is still learning her way around the new place and asking things like “where’s my room?” when she gets lost and saying “i love my new castle” (we live in a castle, in case you didn’t know). we want to really make this space a home for us & we are taking more time and care into molding a space that really works for us a family. in the old apartment that was hard, it was cram as much stuff into a little space as possible. now we have the ability to be creative & really make this house a home. and first things first, we finished the bathroom – it is by far the smallest room so therefore it was the easiest to accomplish. thank you H&M for your amazing home decor


mini haute mess tee
mini haute mess tee
bathroom decor

1.) bathroom printables 2.) shower curtain 3.) hand towels 4.) soap dispenser 5.) canister with lid 6.) step stool 7.) bath mat 8.) mr. and mrs. toothbrush mugs

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