i’d really love to be that girl that keeps fresh flowers in a beautiful vase. the one who’s home is always in order, every space utilized perfectly. who can coordinate a room to match a feeling and transition it throughout a house. who can walk into a flea market & pick out a perfect piece of furniture to refurbish. then make it beautiful. who can sand dressers. and paint without dripping on the floor. someone who can mix cocktails & owns coordinating bar ware. who’s bed is always made. the girl who’s hair is always in place. and who can paint her own fingernails. who can hang pictures straight & create gallery walls. the girl who takes that ordinary thing & turns it into something magical. that girl makes everything look easy. i know brian would like for me to be this girl. my erratic lifestyle and impulsive decision making, i know drives him up walls.

but over here it’s all messy hair, messy bed, messy life.

but it’s mine. the mess is all mine. and no one can take that. it may not be perfect, but then again what life worth living is?

but enough thoughts on monday…

the cats won (final four babbbbby) i probably need this 

weekends are for pajamas all day  and retail therapy 

current favorite jammies (and on sale now!)

i have finally found the perfect dark circle corrector!  and this concealer (thank you rouge dreams)

plus this eye shadow palette 

polka dotted flatware and a do not disturb doorknob 

easter dresses here and here and here and here

spring phone clothes

get two framebridge instagram photos right now for $50 / use promo code 2INSTA50 at checkout

bucket bags under $100 here and here and here 

embellished sandals under $50 here and here and here 

a wonderful article on parenting by jen hatmaker

currently reading

and the greatest book for parents to fill out with kids #inlove

pink donut pool float (summer is comingggggg)

2-18 2-19 2-20 2-21 2-22 2-23 2-24 2-25

brian’s charity basketball game in goshen this weekend. irish vs italians. madison enjoyed yelling “GO DADDY” “DADDY” “DADDY I’M UP HERE” “DADDY DADDY DADDY” ‘BASKETBALL” HI DADDY” over & over again & wanting to run down on the court every 8 seconds



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