mother’s day ideas


mother's day gift ideas

i promise this isn’t an idea list for brian, i promise. but these are a few of my favorite things (sing it to the tune) for moms in your life (i have not included the very obvious day to the spa as well, that is always ALWAYS a good option) – you can also shop her lilly for target this sunday! sign up to get text alerts by texting LILLY to 827438.  everything is going to fly off the shelves for this one. they also are including toddlers, but you’ll have to internet fight me for these items. i’ll be up anytime anywhere for this battle.

1. coordinates bracelet / you choose the location (maybe the spot where she became a mom?!)

2. everyday i love you notebook / just an everyday reminder

3. good mom mug

4. my absolute favorite, joe malone blackberry bay or any of joe malone’s amazing scents (find hers!)

5. sand + sky post drop earrings 

6. listen to your mother / a collection of personal stories celebrating motherhood (will make you laugh)

7. gold vase with fresh flowers (1-800 flowers is offering 20% off / use code: MTHR49) & my favorite arrangement is here

8. chay rose tea #2 / i prefer to drink it out of these cups

9. these comfortable / stylist sandals with gold detailing

10. dogeared mother + daughter necklaces

11. misfit fitness tracker lets mom track her activity & sleep while syncing to her iphone

12. sonix dahlia iphone 6 case

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