mother’s day recap + links

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grammy’s surprise was a great success. how lucky are we to be able to do such wonderful things? i am so grateful for a father who loves me & mom so much he made this possible, and for a mama who was so excited to just have me home. although….. i think madison stole the show. the few phones calls grammy made after my arrival consisted of “guess who came to visit?! MADISON!” as i exchanged “what about me looks?” with my dad across the room. he just smiled to remind me that i am “chopped liver” now compared to M (his exact quote). i guess that’s what happens lol, she’s cuter. but the weekend was wonderful. even with tornados and flash flooding. i miss being apart of their every day life and i wish madison could grow up knowing them more and seeing them more. but i cherish every minute we do get to be together. i will continue to try and convince them to retire in NYC (because it makes economical sense) so they can see madison, and secretly me, every single day.

daddy might go hide in east texas.

i miss you both already.

i miss dillards in texas, mom & i went and found so many dresses i wanted (here, here, here & here)

this top / these birks in pearly hazel / these tanks all day every day

i also discovered the fitness section at kohls which was pretty great / i got these pants in several prints (they’re amazingly comfortable)

trying this new moisturizer and loving it / another favorite here and well here also

zella live in leggings

i want to fill our house with these prints especially this one 

summer is coming, you need corn hole (‘merica)

favorite anthro new arrivals here, here & here

obsessed with earning starbucks stars & free drinks / earn your free drinks here & try the new s’mores frap (it’s but my favorite combo is a soy vanilla latte #allday #everyday

nook books under $5 / and currently reading 

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