this weekend was the 8th birthday we have celebrated together … and although times have changed our friends sure haven’t. #growoldnotup has been the theme of the year & we are embracing all the changes in our life for the better. our relationship & our friendships have only grown stronger as we roll through more and more of life together. and i couldn’t be happier to have this guy by my side through each new step of life… he doesn’t look a day over 29 🙂

thank you to friends & family who made it over saturday to celebrate, we love you all

and if you want to know the beers you tried… baby daddy session IPA, narragansett del’s shandyithaca apricot wheatsinglecut a life of ease juniper kolsch, troegs perpetual IPA, gnomegang blonde ale, sovereign crisp & dry cider, abita save our shoreleinenkugel’s summer shandy, smuttynose robust porter, crabbie’s ginger beer, victory saison du buff, abita purple haze

best tabletop beverage tubs for beer tasting parties (or any old reason) here

happy birthday metallic party balloons or create your own words here 

also you can find my dress here (on sale now!)

favorite summer rompers/jumpsuits for toddlers here, here, here & here (OH and here too)

and don’t be like the rest of them darling 

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