the royal treatment

thank you to mimi for the royal treatment at the princess boutique! the girls were so adorable as princesses for teh day and had the best time ever! they had their nails, makeup and hair done before being outfitted in their favorite princess costumes & sprinkled ( well doused ) with glitter. madison has been obsessed with belle lately which is ironic since she’s never seen the movie! if anyone finds it, send it our way & i’ll find a way to send you dollars. it’s back in the “vault” and i can’t find it anywhere!!!

and PS if your little princess is anything like ours then she LOOOOOVES to dress up. here are some of Madison’s favorite dress-up essentials .  .  .

pretend makeup, hair accessory tote, and dress up tiaras

oh and don’t forget the hats!

piggy paint for nails (it’s non toxic, odorless & kid friendly)

disney princess wants – cinderella, rapunzel, aurora and ariel (melissa & doug make cute wands too)

disney princess dress-up trunk

you’ll also need the shoes

beauty bag with curling irons & wands & brushes

and at this point, well you’re going to need a closet for all of your dress up items (another favorite here)

and they’ll want to take pictures all glamed up with their camera (another madison favorite here)

and she’ll model in front of a mirror (a lot) / madison likes to kiss herself in the mirror #nbd

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