dear teenage madison…

If you are anything like your mom (and I hope you are so much better than me) you are going to be rebellious and argumentative and think you know everything that’s best for you in this world. I know because I was there. And you might even roll your eyes now, and yawn or feign interest in what you’re dear old mom is saying but the truth is, as good of a kid as I was I was also a very opinionated little hellion when it came to authority and my parents, especially my mother. It’s a time i wish i could get back and have spent years as an adult mending. But the point is you don’t know it all. And neither do we. But I want you to know now that everything we do and have ever done for you has come from a place of love. We are not evil trolls who want to squash your fun. On the contrary we want you to experience everything in life but we want you to be smart as well. This goes for your current three year old self when you tell me “I don’t like when you say no” to your adult self when you’re making your own decisions. “No” is sometimes necessary. It’s not a weapon, it’s a tool. And you will learn from it as much as you’ll learn from yes. Probably more. So as much as you want me to be the yes mom I hope one day you’ll look back and thank me, like I thank my own mom – because without that guidance I’m not sure if have ever grown out of my selfish bossy teenage attitude. I wouldn’t have learned how to put others before myself. I wouldn’t have become the mom I am today. The one I hope deep down you’ll respect.
that being said… you will most certainly think you know it all. you’ll have your own version of right and wrong and your own plan for your life. you will assume you know best. and we will have our version of right and wrong and our hope for the direction of your life. sometimes these will line up and more than often they will not. but the most important thing here is always be true to yourself. while still being respectful to us. Don’t ever let us we’ve snuff out a dream of yours. don’t let us stop you from going after anything you want – but do listen to our warnings. do understand what we say is out of love and love alone. And do know that no matter what your outcomes – success or failure – we will still be here and we will never say I told you so. i promise you that now, i promise your threenager self that. we will never make you feel that you have failed us and we will always continue to support you, even if you decide to slightly stray from the path we would like for you to walk. We will let you make your own mistakes and then offer you a shoulder to cry on. We will give you an inch so that you’ll reach for a mile. we will plant seeds in your head for the future and hope they plant themselves there. but i truly believe life is about finding out who YOU are, not about becoming who your parents want you to be. and i will raise you to the best of my ability with that as our core. i am here to help you become who you are inevitably going to be. to challenge you. to push you. to love you. and to be present in every single step of that journey with you.
so as you go on your way, just remember to always be kind (to everyone), work hard, be brave & know you are always loved (even when you hate me)


your mama

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