emma bear update

outfit combo / hair bow

Happy 5 months of life baby girl. I can finally say that i love you more and more each day. We are over that initial hump where I was thinking to myself what have we done?!?!? You will (God willing) understand that feeling someday and not take offense 🙂

But now you are starting to grow a little personality that’s all your own.

You are 16.5 pounds of giggling curiosity. You think Madison is hilarious and anytime you hear her voice you try to get to her. You’ve even tried jumping out of arms. You have no idea how happy it makes me. You love to eat your hands, and blow spit bubbles and play peek-a-boo. You also love to take baths, as long as sissy and Sheriff Callie are in there with you. You just recently realized you know how to splash, so now all you do is kick your legs and giggle. You absolutely HATE the car and you are not a huge fan of sleeping either. These can be difficult but when I come into your room in the morning and you smile that smile when you see me, all is forgotten.

You recently started tasting some food – cereal and apples. You are always hungry (much like Madison). I will never worry about my girls not having good appetites. You love everything so far and always want more. You still nurse as much as you can when I am home, and although I sometimes can’t stop thinking that I just want my body back, I end up looking forward to this part of our day.

I am taking my first work trip next week for All-Star and I am a nervous wreck that when I come back you won’t want to nurse, or won’t want me, or will forget all that we have been through in the past 5 months (who am I kidding of course you will). But I won’t. It’s been the most difficult yet most rewarding 5 months of my life. Things are just starting to even out and become enjoyable, and I’m off. I am filled with guilt and worry, and also a small pang of excitement for a bed to myself and the ability to sleep through the night, which then in turn fills me with more guilt. I am going to think of you and your sister every single second I am gone.

I am also going to ship home fresh milk for you and I wanted to share a site I found for other mom’s who are traveling sans baby while breastfeeding. Milkstork will send you kits to overnight breast milk to your babe.

Other companies that will ship breast milk:

Milk Expressed


you can also buy your own packaging through amazon

and here is another link to some great travel gear for breastfeeding moms!!

so wish me luck (I’m going to be an emotional wreck)

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