Little Spoon + a GIVEAWAY!!

Today I want to introduce to Little Spoon!!! an organic baby food delivery service. Their motto is “your baby food shouldn’t be older than your baby” which I just love. They create different stage baby blends that are then packaged and sealed using high pressure processing (HPP), instead of heat, to keep the food safe & nutrient dense. You can learn more about the process here. The best part though — it’s delicious!! I usually sneak a few bites myself, shhhhhh. Our favorites so far are beet, banana, mango & oat, pear, goji cinnamon.

You can also pick a plan and choose nutritionally perfected meals that best fit your baby. Modify your selection at any time. Then meals are delivered straight to your door every other week. AND (drum roll please)…. shipping is always free!

Especially after having Emma I truly welcome this “new homemade!”

I’m also offering a special code for 2 lucky moms that think they might love Little Spoon also. This code will let you skip the wait-list, get instant access to your own Little Spoon plan AND a $50 credit towards your first order!!! To enter the giveaway simply comment below with your child’s favorite food & why you’d like to try Little Spoon!!


*Giveaway will end Friday 4/21 at 5pm EST

Featured in Tech Crunch

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lexi sindall says:


    And I’ve been dying to try this and get off the waitlist bc I’m a full time working mom who worries about making sure my little gal is getting the most fresh and healthy food possible!

  2. Michele says:

    My baby girl LOVES bananas and guava! She truly loves food, but shakes in excitement for bananas and guavas! I’d love to try little spoon because being a mom in today’s world is tough, and adding the layer of a full-time working mom, is downright exhausting. I want to provide the healthiest foods for my baby, but I have very little time to make it. Yes, I made food for my first, but with zero time, I just do not have the time to make food. This is an amazing service and I’d love to try it!!!

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