my bucket (list) is filled with toys

The problem with a bucket list after you have children, is the fact that you have children. Choosing between planning a trip for Brian and I, versus taking the girls somewhere like Disneyland is a difficult one. We can’t afford the luxury of taking a lot of big vacations so when we plan something, a lot of thinking goes into the decision. Followed by a lot of guilt if we decide to not take them. But at the same time, just because we are parents doesn’t mean we can’t still have goals and dreams and well…. bucket lists! I am determined to start checking off some boxes of mine!

This is list is mostly for me to keep track but here it is – in no particular order – below

  1. Iceland – see the Northern lights, glacier hike, soak in a thermal pool
  2. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  3. Skydive
  4. Oktoberfest in Munich
  5. Lantern Festival in Thailand
  6. Alaskan cruise
  7. Running of the Bulls (watch, not run…)
  8. Dog sledding in Jackson Hole
  9. Visit the Great Wall of China and walk it (I mean… part of it)
  10. Sleep in an igloo
  11. Tomatina
  12. Hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys in Turkey
  13. Egypt – ride a camel and see the pyramids
  14. Visit the Devil’s Throat
  15. King’s day in the Netherlands
  16. Make wine in Tuscany
  17. Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell
  18. Sleep above the fish in Bora Boar
  19. Visit Santorini
  20. Hot springs at Pamukkale
  21. Release baby turtles in the ocean in Costa Rica
  22. Tube down the Nam Song River
  23. Dia de los Muertos Festival in Mexico
  24. Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland
  25. Bar Hop the Bermondsey Beer Mile
  26. Visit the Vatican

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