the reason we are late

is because Madison had to change pants 16 times. And if you’re thinking to yourself “you’re the mom! just make her wear the pants you want” then you’ve never gone to battle with a determined dragon at 7am who didn’t sleep enough because she needed water

and then to pee

then a story

then to be tucked in

then tucked in again

then the blanket wasn’t “correct”

then she remembered she left her favorite stuffy (of her 9,000) downstairs

can she go get it?

without going to get it she will inevitably cry and possibly wake up her sister (who is an even angrier monster when woken up)

so she goes to get it and on the way sees the frozen bandaid box

she’s immediately reminded of a boo boo she has

and oh you can’t see it mommy? it’s right there… that piece of skin that’s not red or bleeding or bothered – that one hurts, so she gets a bandaid

and then needs another kiss

then it’s time for prayers

she needs a cuddle

she wants to go give Emma a kiss

she doesn’t go give Emma a kiss

and then has a story to tell me

and by then it’s morning and we have to decide on pants….

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  1. Claudia says:

    I guess the night ritual doesn’t change much with an 11 year old. Be prepared. Sammy still likes me to tuck her in and stay to do prayer and then to talk about girl and life stuff. Lets not forget the water and per runs… I guess by the time she is in High School she wont need the mama. Secretly I enjoy these moments. You will too. We won’t tell Don’t tell tell them!!

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