This one goes out to my girl Emma

There are some sounds that can turn a split second into a memory. They are the rare moments when something imprints on your soul and body and mind. The moments you won’t forget. The ones that stand out in your lifetime collection. Because each day is filled with moments – but memories, those sweet pieces you keep with you, that’s the good stuff. Em’s laughter can do that. It’s devious and rich and toothy. It can take any ordinary moment in my day and preserve it. Because of that sound. I want to record it and never forget it. Let it be my ringtone. Let it wake me in the morning. Let it guide my days because if each day were to start with it, what more could I ask for? Why do I ever look beyond my own home in search for something else. Within these walls are absolutely everything. A love like no other. Outstretched fingers included, and that laugh. That laugh grounds me. It makes me who I am and it gives me strength. That laugh is my life. It is my heart. Just walking around this Earth, dragging tiny pieces of me behind her.

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