Emma & the terrible TWOS!

You’re 22 pounds of full speed ahead. You’re favorite food is yolo (yogurt) and you’ll do just about anything for a lolli. You’re into dinosaurs and baby dolls which makes me laugh. You aren’t afraid of anything. You love the baby shark song almost as much as you love Bad Blood. Your musical repertoire is highly influenced by your sister. Your favorite book is BAH! Said the Baby. You love to kiss boo-boos and chase Madison around the house. She is becoming what I always hoped she would be – your best friend (even though you pull her hair sometimes)… You are daddy’s little girl. You can’t get enough of him.  You love bath time and swinging at the park. You’d swing for hours in my lap. You are the perfect combination of Angel and Hellion. Our very own sour patch kid. I am so eager for your little personality to keep revealing itself. I think we are in for a big adventure with you. But I can’t wait. They say well behaved women rarely make history – so here’s hoping you smash some ceilings. I love you more with every breath. Happy 2nd Birthday Emma.

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  1. Pat Huffman says:

    Such a beauty!❤️

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