group shot edited-16

There are certain things I don’t ever want to forget. I wish that I could keep you a 5 year old forever. You have a very special little heart and I don’t want it to ever change. When we told you that we were going to pick you up from school on your birthday and take you out for a special birthday lunch – just us – you immediately said you wanted Emma to come too because you didn’t want her to be left out. You said you loved her. You are the greatest big sister in the history of big sisters. You’ve never lost your patience with her. You wake her up every morning and help put her to bed every night. One day she will realize just how lucky she is to have you. But you’re not just a great sister.. you are also a wonderful friend who often coordinates play dates with or without my knowledge. You’re creative and funny. You’re incredibly smart. You’re beautiful. There are so many things I could say about you. I could break the internet kid. So I’ll just say that your birthday is the happiest day of my life. & I love you to the moon and Jupiter and back.


Things you currently love: your instax camera, all things JoJo Siwa, singing, dancing, curating content for your YouTube channel (ha), the korean rice bowl, ballet, making slime, your “high heel” boots,

Things I want to keep forever in my heart:

  1. You lost your first tooth. You swallowed it in your pasta and wrote the tooth fairy a note saying:  tooth fairy
  2. Your first time ice skating skating
  3. Your first trip to Disneydisney.jpg
  4. Your first concert. Taylor Swift. July 21, 2018tay swift.jpg
  5. Your first Broadway show: Frozen the Musicalfrozen.jpg
  6. Father/Daughter dance at SFAfather daughter.jpg
  7. You started Kindergarten (and I see my heart goes skipping down the road every single day)  — also your Christmas ShowK.jpg
  8. Our little Daisy – I’m so glad I decided to be your Troop Leader and get to spend the extra time with you. You’re full of wonderful ideas. girl scouts.png
  9. Your dance recital. You love to dance. All day, every day. ballet.jpg
  10. When you helped host Granny’s radio show — you’re famous!!! Betty Bette was so happy to have you. “Good afternoon, you’re on the Trader”radio.jpg
  11. Coaching you crazies in soccersoccer.jpg
  12. Our first trip to Baumann’s bauman.jpg


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