Welcome to Beantown

Oh Emma. How do I explain the fiery blaze that is Emma?

other than just that.

she will rip through your core and head straight for your heart. she will make you want to squeeze her into the longest hug of your life while simultaneously tensing up in case she bites you. she is sweet & sour. she makes me laugh on days I don’t feel like laughing. she’s also the reason I scream into pillows on others.  she has so much personality bursting from her tiny seams. some days I just stare at her and can’t stop smiling. I hope the world doesn’t tame her. Give ’em Hell Em. Don’t lower your voice. Don’t stop pushing the envelope. Fight for want you want (even if it’s just a lollipop). And don’t ever stop being you. Because you are wonderful and you are perfect and you are going to turn some heads…

and probably stir some shit up also 🙂


Happy birthday Emma bean. I love you with all of my heart.

Emma birthday 1Emma birthday 2Emma birthday 3Emma birthday 6Emma birthday 4Emma birthday 5

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