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coming down from the NBA Finals has been tough. i ran on adrenaline for so long that i just simply can’t seem to get “un-tired” but what an experience it was. my co-workers have all been doing this for decades now so I was definitely their entertainment as every single thing we did, excited me. being apart of such a big event & working it.. seeing how the well oiled machine comes together to produce an event of that size, was amazing. not to mention how great the games were also. i am very glad to have been apart of it, and to say that I work for this organization. every day is something new, and having a job that i enjoy is something i haven’t had in a very long time. i guess ill get my mini-fix thursday for the Draft Thursday, and hopefully ease myself back into being behind a desk again. thank you to the warriors & the cavs & my all of my co-workers for hand holding me through my first #NBAfinals

PS get your own Golden State shirt here, here & here 

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