2 year 8 months

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your favorite book is dragons love tacos, we read it multiple times a day and it’s my favorite too. a close second for you is this little piggy went to prada, and for me, i wish you more. i am so happy that you love to read. even if it’s your favorite bed time stalling activity “just one more mama?” and you want to be a super hero. you asked for super hero plates & cups & you want a super hero birthday party. you tie shirts around your neck and run around in princess undies & a cape (sometimes boots too, which really adds to the cute factor). you love pizza & ice cream & chocolate chips, also zucchini (thankfully). we love to turn daddy into different things with your magic wand. you play abracadabra almost daily, and he is usually a lion or a frog. you yell open sesame at the top of your lungs in the car & he will open the windows for you. you believe in the magic, i hope that you always do. because you are magical to me. your hide and seek skills are so terrible they are adorable. we played last night and i was counting – when i opened my eyes you were curled up in a ball next to me hiding your face. you help me laugh every day. when we say our prayers, you love to talk to the “baby” Jesus and you tell me he loves you. this i know. if anybody could possibly love you more than me, it would be Him kid.

these 2 years, 8 months have taught me so much. about relationships, strength, friendships, patience and most of all, about myself. it changes you, but in the very best way i think. i wasn’t prepared for that change. and looking back there was really no way that i could have been. nothing can prepare you for motherhood. and we are shaped by whatever little person we produce. everyone’s experience is entirely different with it, although there are a few common threads. i am grateful to everyone who’s been apart of our lives for these past few years, and who have embraced all the changes that have come for us with parenthood.

being a mom is hard work. it’s good work though. worthy work. i’d trade every day before her, for more with her in it. this i know to be true in my heart.

this is a great read for all moms who are hoping/struggling/praying to be good moms & struggle sometimes with the tough stuff

and ps… we’re all doing great

pps, this is another great read for moms / and this one too

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