baby peachy…


I wanted to write to you to apologize mainly. It isn’t that you’re an after thought, because you most certainly are not, it’s just that this time is different. I simply don’t have the luxury this time around to dote over every milestone. I can’t just lay around for hours on end resting and admiring your little kicks, or taking photos of my growing belly every time another week passes. When people ask me how far along I am, I often hesitate before I answer because I don’t remember. This time is just very different. We have another little, very active human that takes up most of the hours in our days that aren’t already devoted to work. Your sister. And she simply can not wait to meet you. At her ballet class last night, she stopped and ran over to me simply to kiss my belly (aka you) and then run back to her position. So I want you to know that even though it’s different this time, you are so very loved. Probably even more so because now there is not only 2 of us to love you but 3 of us. Your sister is going to teach you everything and probably try to capture the stars for you. She has an entire agenda of days on end planned for you both. While she doesn’t fully grasp the concept you won’t be able to do all the things she is hoping for right away, her eagerness melts my heart. She’s even agreed to help change your diaper. I want you to know now that you will never be loved by anyone more. That the 3 of us will do anything for you. Our family won’t be complete until you are here and I promise that I will make sure somethings are reserved just for us. It’s still hard to imagine that there is enough room in my heart for both of you when she takes up so much of it currently. But one thing is for sure, if I ever falter as a mother to either of you, you’ll now also have each other. I want you both to remember that, and to promise me you’ll never let anything come between the two of you. And I’ll make sure to remind you of this often.

we can’t wait to meet you

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