madison’s 2nd Christmas

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i love our Christmas Eve traditions so much. for me it’s so important to give madison these things to look forward to. i think that’s one of the best parts of being a family. creating your own traditions that are celebrate who you are as a family & the things you love. i am so grateful brian was able to get off also, it wouldn’t be the same without him. we took madison to the family service at church where Pastor Bauman spoke about “keeping Christmas” –  madison sang along at the tops of her lungs (mostly completely made up words) to all the songs, while clapping & requesting “more!” she also mistook a camel for a reindeer in the birth of Jesus reenactment – attempted to light herself on fire during the candlelit rendition of silent night. and after she was given a small piece of bread during communion when we walked up to the alter, proceeded to spit it out into my hand as we walked back around to our seat.

after church we usually go see the big tree at rockefeller center but it was pouring down rain after the service so we decided reluctantly we should skip it. but that did enable us to get home a little earlier for Christmas eve dinner & baking cookies for santa. we also always open one gift, read Christmas stories and watch a Christmas movie. it is my favorite night of the whole year. this year we made sugar cookies with homemade icing (you can get my mom’s recipe for the icing here), and i told Madison that santa would come eat her cookies. she was not happy santa was going to eat her cookies, but she was excited that he was going to leave her presents. so she internally battled with that for a little while and then decided cookies were a small price to pay for pressies.


and there is nothing better than these munchkins & cousin love. i can’t take how much they all love each other (especially Cait & Madison = BFFs to the max) and i am so glad we all have each other nearby so they can grow up together. i had so much fun with them & i am super lucky to have family that is there for me (and madison) when brian can’t be. it makes brian’s schedule & our working night life just a little bit less lonely knowing i always have an open door with his family. we had the best Christmas ever. thank you to EVERYONE who made Madison’s 2nd Christmas so amazing, she has too many presents from too many family members & friends and we are eternally grateful for you all.

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  1. Kay Lile says:

    Sweet! Enjoyed reading….especially spitting the bread out, bahahahaha! Happy New Year!

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