the struggle is real

to avoid buying more sneakers… but i just can’t make myself STOP!!!! it is apparent i have a problem at this point, but for us mombies out there who don’t end up getting dressed up on the weekends anymore… yoga pants & sneakers are our fashion statements? am i right? so instead of that amazing dress that hugged my ‘used to be great’ figure, now i like to draw attention to my feet. and we look. we check out each others footwear & athletic gear (when we know we haven’t just come from the gym). women are still women after they become moms and instead of judging each other’s outfits now, it’s sneakers & leggings (“are those lulu?”) and strollers & designer diaper bags. your casual game has to be on point these days. not like last week when i stopped in starbucks in my pajama pants, uggs & sweatshirt. so mom’s make sure your feet look good for all that chasing you’ll be doing everyday for the rest of your life. and OOOH these are on their way to me right now & on sale!

the following are on my “watch list” and you can check out all my currently coveted shoes on my pinterest page 

sneaky obsession

1. Jcrew 696 sneakers 2. Jcrew 620 sneakers 3. adidas extaball sneakers 4. NB for anthropologie 574 sneakers 5. kate spade saturday NB sneakers 6. nike women’s air max thea sneakers 7. NB for anthropologe 530 sneakers 8. NB for anthropologie 515 sneakers

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