hello monday + a birthday party

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cait turned 5! i can’t believe it. i remember her when she was born, she was the first new born brian & i had ever held. and though we’ve held so many since, including our own peanut, that little girl always will hold a special place in my heart. her sweet disposition & her patience with is truly amazing. they love each other so much, and it’s the cutest thing to watch them grow together. happy birthday sweet girl.

birthday party decorations galore (for any age)

mother’s day sale at shutterfly / up to 50% off with code MORE2LOVE

hashtag marquee lights

perforated slip-on sneaker sale 

new spring dresses here, herehere 

phone clothes here

new birks for spring here & here 

you’ll need a cute umbrella for all these april showers

and some wellies

and raincoats here & here

kids eat free restaurants

tiny toms are my favorite spring shoes for madison – favorites here & here 

chalkboard bookshelf 

mini pink piano

kids outdoor patios for spring & summer here & here & here

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