pink or blue?!

we all know what madison is rooting for…

and i know i said we weren’t finding out, but being in the room yesterday and looking at “baby peachy” on the screen, i had to know. i looked at brian and i asked if he wanted to know. we still struggled with our decision but in the end my curiosity won this time and we DID find out. you can see the results below

we couldn’t be happier for Madison to have a baby sister on the way. brian is the best pig tail maker on the block and there is so much love in our hearts for these two. i already have visions of them holding hands and causing trouble. i can not wait for them to meet. this is the greatest gift we could ever hope to give them both – each other. and this is my prayer. that they grow to be best friends and learn to lean on each other. that they always have each other and never ever feel alone.

also that they share clothes and don’t scratch each others eyes out when they’re teenagers, but that is neither here nor there

this is our family and we’re ready for you sweet girl


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