happy mother’s day

 my dress (on sale now) / her dress (similar here)
photo credits: tony d photography


she is the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that i could ever possibly write

first of all this video, sob fest. i mean really

and it’s true, i wish i could slow down time and somehow bottle up all of her right now and preserve it forever. and i wish i could stop panicking over every moment that counts down to September. every last moment with just me and madison. my last mother’s day with only her. my last time to spend time just us. and i wish i could stop worrying that she is going to feel less special when this baby comes. that my already limited hours are going to be cut in half, if not more. and to be honest, i worry that it’s not possible i could love another human as much as i love her. that i hope i have it in me to love them both this much, but it just seems impossible. and because of this i want to capture as many moments together as possible. i am so grateful to have a great friend who was able to take these photos for me to remember this day. thank you uncle hulk ๐Ÿ™‚

i am also grateful for my own mother who has supported me through every decision i’ve ever made (well most of them) and who continues to support me daily. i am beyond grateful she was able to be there for the birth of madison, that she has been able to watch her grow, and that i’ve had her guiding me through all of these stages. i wouldn’t be half the mom i am today without her. her voice flows through my actions and i find myself thinking about her and what she would do in the ordinary moments each day. she may not always realize it but i am constantly trying to do things in a way that would make her proud. her approval is everything to me, and has shaped the way i think, and act.

and i am grateful for a mother in law who i’m pretty sure has never said no a day in her life. brian and i would be absolutely lost without her help. she has enabled us to do so many things and is been such a big part of madison’s life. we are forever grateful for date nights, for being able to attend classes and work trips, for moments to ourselves and nights out with friends. the transition to parenthood is a difficult one and because of her we have been able to keep apart of ourselves as well.

i am grateful for a grandmother who paved the way for us girls. who raised my mama. and who passed on that southern soul to us all. madison won’t understand it now but i am so grateful she can grow up knowing you granny and that we have four generations that can share in these memories. it means everything.

i am grateful for two sisters by marriage who have taught me a lot about family. we sometimes even fight like real sisters ๐Ÿ™‚ which makes me realize how important they are to me. we still love each other and we don’t have to. that is the joy (and sometimes the pain) of extended family.  the potential expend-ability. but we continue to choose each other. and we learn from each other. in ways that we probably never thought we would. we make each other better and we help each other. it’s exactly what i hope for madison & this new baby. that they always have each other. and in case you don’t hear it enough… you are wonderful mothers.

being a mom makes everything different. happy mother’s day to all the beautiful women in my life. your collective stories and our friendship have enabled me to be the mom i am today. i wouldn’t trade one minute.

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