fall micro fashion


zara puffer vest / h&m heart knit sweater / gap striped leggings / zara classic buckle boot

i couldn’t possibly purchase all the adorable fall clothes for madison that i would like to (unless i wanted to end up divorced & homeless) so i had to share as many of them as possible. hopefully your little will enjoy some fall fashion, and this is therapeutic. it helps me not feel like these are all going to waste. i hope you shop them, and then let us borrow, kidding (kind of). and i have also lately been picking out our someday second child’s clothing which brian and several friends have notified me is extremely weird. but i see stuff and i think “but if i have a son someday he’s definitely going to want to wear this.” i hope someday that’ll happen (and his wardrobe is going to be bangggggin’) one girl & one boy would be perfection to me. so here are a few styles for boys i’ve been in love with lately as well. some of which i may or may not have purchased already. i may or may not have a problem. jury’s still out. happy shopping!

fall fashion / baby girl
1. i just want to dance sweatshirt / 2. shine so bright dress / 3. tiny toms / 4. fur vest / 5. sparkle sweatshirt / 6. fur lined sneakers / 7. princess sweater / 8. star tulle skirt / 9. camo hooded anorak / 10. white moto vest / 11. pink boots / 12. pink puffer vest 13. checkered flannel dress / 14. snake print skinny cords / 15. new york sweatshirt / 16. metallic ankle boots / 17. sweetie sweatshirt / 18. funnel neck capelet sweater / 19. glitter leggings / 20. gold heart knit sweater
fall fashion / baby boy

1. mask hat / 2. boom splash leggings / 3. camo sweatshirt / 4. flannel shirt / 5. fleece jacket / 6. marled cardi / 7. fur lined high tops / 8. hello ladies sweatshirt / 9. legend in the making shirt / 10. fleece trapper hat / 11. flannel vest / 12. let’s blame the sugar shirt / 13. mixed fabric vest / 14. canvas pants / 15. checkered flannel shirt / 16. green trousers / 17. flannel plaid jacket / 18. bandit sweatshirt / 19. nautical plimsoll 

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